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Geriatric Care Management

The Geriatric Care Management program can help define a course of action or road map to help with decisions and tasks related to the care of your aging loved one. Our Geriatric Care Manager is a licensed clinical social worker with over 19 years experience involving eldercare issues in diverse healthcare settings. She will use her expertise in elder issues, family dynamics, gerontology and psychology to make those complicated eldercare issues manageable.Your Care Manager will work with you to address presenting concerns and to provide solutions by comprehensively assessing the following care needs:

    • Physical
    • Emotional
    • Cognitive
    • Social
    • Environmental
    • Financial

The Geriatric Care Management program provides a one-time professional assessment and/or ongoing care management services based on your needs and those of your loved one.


The Geriatric Care Management program provides the appropriate resources and support to allow your loved one to safely "age in place", while providing you with peace of mind. 

Geriatric Care Management Services Include:


Comprehensive Assessment 
Your Care Manager assesses the whole person including the living environment, financial situation, cognitive/emotional health, and personal care needs.

Personalized Care Plan  
The Care Manager addresses presenting concerns and provides a plan for current and future needs.

Health Care Coordination  
Your Care Manager acts as an advocate and a liaison between the client and health care providers

Home Safety Evaluation  
Your Care Manager provides a thorough assessment to address hazards in the home and ensure your loved one can safely live in their present environment.

Crisis Intervention 
The Care Manager supports clients and families during life transitions and challenges and the facilitation of alternative living arrangements/environment as needed.

Caregiver Support and Respite 
The Care Manager identifies and facilitates the use of community resources to decrease stress on families and caregivers.

Contact Lauren Dutko, MSW, LCSW, C-ASWCM, Geriatric Care Manager, at (912) 236-0363 or toll-free at (866) 579-2116 for moreinformation about Geriatric Care Management services for you or your loved one.